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 The National Assembly comprises two sectors:

  • the administrative sector, with about 700 regular and casual employees
  • the political sector, with 125 MNAs and about 500 employees

The administrative sector comprises 45 job classes in a number of employment categories: management personnel, professionals, workers, peace officers, etc.

Each year:

  • The National Assembly hires more than one hundred new employees, including students and interns.
  • The Journal des débats service (Québec's Hansard) publishes about 20,000 pages of parliamentary debates, or about 55 pages per day (on average), the equivalent of a large daily newspaper. The task of bringing it all together requires the collaboration of transcribers, revisers and editors.
  • The Parlementaire restaurant and the Café du Parlement are open to the public and serve almost 80,000 meals, all prepared by cooks and their assistants.
  • More than 75,000 people visit the Parliament Building with the help of our guides.
  • More than 10,000 people visit the National Assembly Library.
  • More than 2 million documents from the collections of the Library (French only) and virtual library of the National Assembly are available for consultation.
  • Librarians with the Research and Reference Service receive 10,000 research and information requests.
  • The National Assembly televises more than 2,000 hours of parliamentary proceedings, special activities, and theme-based programs. Featuring both live and delayed broadcasts, the Assembly Channel is one of the largest parliamentary broadcasters in Canada.
  • You can attend a parliamentary sitting and visit the Parliament Building. To learn more, click on Visitors.