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Since 1792, over 2,400 people have made up the Parliament of Québec in the capacity of Members, legislative councillors and representatives of the Crown (governors and lieutenant-governors). This dictionary contains entries for Members of the Parliament of Lower Canada (1792−1838), representatives of Lower Canada to the Parliament of the Province of Canada (1841−1867), and Members of the Parliament of Québec since 1867. It also contains entries for Members who sat on the Special Council of Lower Canada from 1838 to 1841, from the time the Constitutional Act of the Province of Lower Canada was suspended until the Act of Union came into force.

N.B.: Biographical notices are updated as new information becomes available and is verified (following resignations, deaths or employment changes). The biographical style used for the 125 MNAs in office is different from that used for former MNAs.

The dictionary is available in French only.

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Labrie, Christine (in office)
Lachance, Stéphanie (in office)
Lacombe, Mathieu (in office)
Laforest, Andrée (in office)
Laframboise, Mario (in office)
Lafrenière, Ian (in office)
Lamontagne, André (in office)
Lamothe, Denis (in office)
Lavallée, Lise (in office)
LeBel, Harold (in office)
LeBel, Sonia (in office)
Lecours, Isabelle (in office)
Lecours, Lucie (in office)
Leduc, Alexandre (in office)
Lefebvre, Eric (in office)
Legault, François (in office)
Leitão, Carlos J. (in office)
Lemay, Mathieu (in office)
Lemieux, Louis (in office)
Lévesque, Mathieu (in office)
Lévesque, Sylvain (in office)