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From spring 2016 to spring 2019, grounds in front of the Parliament Building and inner courtyard will undergo major renovations to build an underground reception pavilion (approximately 3,800 m²) and expand facilities underneath the inner courtyard (an additional 1,500 m²) in order to upgrade the Parliament Building to current standards and make it safer and more inviting.

Projet d’amélioration des infrastructuresProject presentation video

Thanks to this project, the National Assembly will be better equipped:

  • Security infrastructures meeting modern-day requirements;
  • Visitor reception areas that are better adapted to the growing number of visitors;
  • Facilities that are more accessible to mobility-impaired persons;
  • A visitor centre offering a theme-based exhibit on Québec history and democracy;
  • A multi-purpose reception room for groups;
  • An agora for film screenings, theme-based exhibitions and conferences;
  • Two additional functional, accessible parliamentary committee rooms.

Architectural concept

The project maintains the Parliament Building as a heritage site, symbol of Québec's identity and national historic monument (status recognized since 1985). The reception pavilion will be built underground, thus preserving the architectural integrity of the heritage building designed by Eugène-Étienne Taché.


The project will require an investment of $60.5 million. The National Assembly will cover the full cost out of its own-source revenue and yearly budgets. No additional funding will be requested.


The project will span three years, beginning in spring 2016. The new pavilion is slated to open in spring 2019.

Project authorization by the Office of the National Assembly November 2015
Submission of plans and preliminary specifications December 2015
Beginning of calls for tenders for construction work
January 2016
Construction site set-up March–April 2016
Excavation and backfilling of inner courtyard April–November 2016
Excavation and backfilling of Parliament Building facade June 2016–March 2017
Blasting June–July 2016
Form and cement work August 2016–September 2017
Reception pavilion set-up (partitions, doors, elevators, etc.) Fall 2017–Winter 2019
Mechanical/electrical and security-related work Summer 2017–Fall 2018
Construction of tunnel leading to National Assembly Library Fall 2017–Winter 2018
Construction of service building in inner courtyard 2018
Landscaping 2017–2018
Completion Spring 2019