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Documents made public by an MNA during a sitting of the National Assembly are called tabled documents. They become part of the public record.

Among the documents tabled in the Assembly, only reports by the Officers of the National Assembly, annual reports, committee reports and the strategic plans of Québec government departments and bodies are available online (within 48 hours of being tabled).

Only the printed version of a document, physically presented to the Assembly, is official.

For more on tabled documents and on consulting documents that are not available online

Documents tabled
Date of tabling Tabled by Title Number Category
2016-11-10 Barrette, Gaétan, Minister of Health and Social Services The proposed amendments to Bill 92, An Act to extend the powers of the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec and to amend various legislative provisions (PDF, 116 KB)  2744-20161110 Other
2016-11-10 Fournier, Jean-Marc, Government House Leader The Government’s reply to a written question from Mrs. David (Gouin) on the funding of community organizations in the “Poor People” category, the constant rise in food aid requests, commitments to increasing the funding of the community organizations in question and improving the financial situation of Québec families - Question No. 202, Order Paper and Notices of 18 October 2016 (PDF, 314 KB)  2745-20161110 Answers to written questions
2016-11-10 Lisée, Jean-François, Leader of the Official Opposition A copy of an email, dated 9 November 2015, concerning the duties of a member of the team of advisers of the Grande fonction des enquêtes et de la sécurité intérieure (PDF, 432 KB)  2746-20161110 Other
2016-11-10 Paradis, François, Member for Lévis A copy of an email, dated 3 November 2016, concerning testimony on care given in certain residential and long-term care centres (PDF, 533 KB)  2747-20161110 Other
2016-11-10 Blanchette, Luc, Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks A copy of a document entitled “Range Plan Guidance for Woodland Caribou, Boreal Population” (PDF, 7 MB)  2748-20161110 Other