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The Québec Parliament Building and the National Assembly Library regularly house thematic exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

1792. A Parliament is Born1792. A Parliament is Born

Parliament Building Visitor Centre, until April 4, 2018

Rare and precious artifacts shed new light on Lower Canada’s parliamentary history. This exhibition recounts the reform movement that inspired the Lower Canadian Members. This movement is still the basis of Québec’s parliamentary practices today.


The Library's TreasuresThe Library’s Treasures

The National Assembly Library invites visitors to experience The Library’s Treasures, an exhibition featuring exceptional objects and some of the most exquisite rare and old books from the Library’s various heritage collections… witnesses to Québec’s rich and diverse history.

The exhibition showcases unique objects in an unprecedented showing to the public. Among the items spotlighted are rare and old books, including three magnificently restored incunables (books printed before 1501 AD), accessories that once belonged to Maurice Duplessis (e.g. his planners), Pierre Laporte’s ID card used by the Front de libération du Québec as proof they were holding him hostage, the bottle that was recently found during restoration of the passageway linking the Parliament Building to the Library, and photographs. Visitors will be able to admire an array of pieces recounting a past that is still very much alive.

On site, visitors will have access to extraordinary books and objects. Online, they can enjoy the virtual exhibition, a wonderful complement to the actual showing.

Free guided tours are available (45 minutes). New dates available: May 3 and 9, at 12:15 p.m.

Registration required: call 418-643-4408 or email


Entre savoir et pouvoir, l’édifice Pamphile-Le May et la Bibliothèque de l’Assemblée nationaleEntre savoir et pouvoir, l’édifice Pamphile-Le May et la Bibliothèque de l’Assemblée nationale

The Pamphile-Le May Building, which currently houses the National Assembly Library, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015. The exhibition is highly original in that it tells the fascinating story behind the Pamphile-Le May Building’s construction as well as the Library’s evolution up to the present day. While visiting the exhibition, you will see for yourself how knowledge and power have mingled over the years. You will also be able to examine various documents, sketches, photographs, objects and more, and learn about the passionate individuals who built this architectural gem located within the parliamentary precinct.


Aux urnes, citoyennes !

Ladies, to the polls!

The exhibition Ladies, to the polls! marks the 75th anniversary of Québec women’s right to vote and run for election. It recounts their long road to obtaining political rights, using newly released archival documents, such as ballots, nomination papers and election posters. It also introduces the pioneers of the women’s suffrage movement, the suffragettes, who, by asserting women’s right to vote, helped shape Québec’s political history.


Histoires de députés

Many women and men have been elected over the years to represent the population of Québec in the National Assembly, and have carried out the varied and demanding duties inherent in their role as MNAs. Public communication is an essential part of their life, from the moment they decide to run for office and on a daily basis once elected. The Histoires de députés exhibition reveals little-known aspects of the unique world of MNAs.


Virtual Exhibitions

Take a fascinating trip through time by exploring virtual exhibitions that showcase documents and objects from the National Assembly's heritage collection.

To make the most of your virtual experience, adjust your screen resolution to 1280 x 1024 pixels. Please note that some files are heavy and downloading them, especially the video clips, may take a while.