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Inspirational Assembly

You’re unique… and so is our organization!

Vibrant work environment

A prestigious
yet friendly place to work

Being an employee of the National Assembly means being able to grow and develop professionally within an organization that fosters the development of skills and creativity and allows its employees to be innovative for the betterment of Québec’s first and foremost institution, the place where the most important debates concerning Québec society take place.

It also means being part of a team of more than 700 motivated and passionate people who join forces to work together to ensure we accomplish our principal mission, that of supporting the MNAs in their work and making our “people’s house” shine. Teamwork, collaboration, respect and inclusion are of the utmost importance to us!

We may be at Km 0… but we aren’t standing still!

While the National Assembly may be located at the Kilometre 0 marker, the important decisions made here shape our society and keep moving us forward. Our organization supports everyone who contributes to our important mission by offering the best possible conditions to allow them to challenge themselves and reach their full potential.

We care about the professional development of all our employees. We create opportunities for career advancement and expertise development by encouraging employee training as well as internal mobility at the Assembly.

An inspiring and stimulating work environment

Walking the corridors of the Parliament Building on a daily basis and getting an intimate, inside feel for this prestigious and emblematic place are just a few of the privileges that come with working for the National Assembly administration. Many historic things have transpired within these walls… and each day, we continue writing the story, benefiting from the confidence the authorities place in us. Employees are given plenty of leeway to propose new projects and ideas, and our work environment is the creative space where they come alive!

On that note, we must not forget to mention our magnificent reception pavilion with its brightly lit and inviting agora, which adds a one-of-a-kind dimension to our Parliament Building; a unique space where we can showcase our seat of government and reach out to Québec citizens.

The Green Room (salon Vert) is a welcoming, comfortable outdoor space for employees that is very popular during the summer! Staff can meet there for lunch, work breaks or work meetings. The beautiful gardens in front of the Parliament Building are also a favourite place for staff members to take a quick break or stroll.