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Inspirational Assembly

You’re unique… and so is our organization!


Work in the heart of a bustling part of the city

  • Go for a walk on the Plains of Abraham during your lunch hour.
  • Enjoy the many restaurants on Grande Allée.
  • Take part in the culinary festivals held on Parliament Hill.


Take advantage of local goods and services

  • Drop in at one of the cafés on nearby rue Cartier.
  • Discover local businesses and shops during your lunch hour.


Savoury fare is always on the menu

  • Enjoy the absolutely delicious dishes served up at the Café du parlement and Le Parlementaire.
  • Take advantage of the Café’s food services and pick up a handy take-out meal when heading home at the end of a busy day.
  • Spoil yourself with a bacon grilled cheese on Friday mornings or indulge in a caramel fudge treat made with love by our chefs.


We care about your well-being and professional development.

  • Benefit from a training and skills development program with policies that encourage ongoing studies and recognize education obtained by employees who continue their studies while working.
  • Have access to a program that offers schedules adapted to facilitate work-family balance (flexible hours, teleworking).
  • Develop your career in a welcoming, friendly work environment.


And there’s more…

  • Employee access to the National Assembly Library, Québec’s collective memory.
  • 10 % discount at the National Assembly Gift Shop (La Boutique).
  • Preferential rates for an annual subscription to a fitness centre.