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Buildings, public works, landscaping, interior layout and transportation


Rome was not built in a day. Neither was the parliament! The National Assembly needs your talent for the maintenance, design, layout and monitoring of our architectural heritage. Through a combination of responsible solutions, immaculate and attractive spaces, effective operating systems and devoted personnel, our establishments are living spaces that are particularly pleasant to experience and in constant flux.

Types of jobs

Ongoing recruitment process Ongoing recruitment process


Personnel professionnel

Persons acting in this capacity perform functions and duties consistent with those provided for in the Architects Act. They draft plans for the construction or renovation of public buildings in line with aesthetic and functional factors and ensure that the plans are followed during construction.

As an Architect, you may be called on to:

  • coordinate the definition of the projects and determine their nature, scope, potential risks, required budget and schedule
  • advise authorities by recommending the criteria to consider in order to meet their needs and comply with their guidelines
  • draft call-for-tender documents for construction work and plan the acquisition of goods.

Engineer Ongoing recruitment process

Personnel professionnel

Persons acting in this capacity oversee analysis, consulting and research activities in the field of building mechanics. They plan, coordinate and supervise real estate and material resource management activities for the parliamentary precincts, an exceptional heritage site comprising five historical and contemporary buildings. The National Assembly independently manages its buildings and property.

As an Engineer, you may be called on to:

  • act as a technical specialist in the operation of buildings, providing support to the directorate and its technicians in order to establish service guidelines and priorities with respect to the conservation and upgrading of buildings and their components
  • coordinate, manage and update regulatory registers (facade inspection, asbestos, life cycle, etc.) to comply with laws and regulations applicable to buildings
  • manage complex projects and special mandates to modify, improve and install electrical, telecommunications and security systems and networks, ensuring that projects meet the needs of the organization while complying with established budgets and schedules.

Digital print operator

Digital print operator
Personnel de soutien

Persons acting in this capacity use various machines to prepare a variety of documents for parliamentarians and the Assembly’s administrative units. They must operate various digital presses used to print documents and the appropriate finishing equipment, such as cutting tools, the binding machine and the stitcher.

As a Digital Print Operator, you may be called on to:

  • establish equipment procurement, repair and maintenance needs by periodically forwarding the required information to the management team and informing them of any items that reach minimum supply quantities
  • take into consideration the features of documents to be produced in order to program devices in an effective and efficient manner
  • ensure that devices function properly both during and after the process and troubleshoot problems.

Public works technician Ongoing recruitment process

Public works technician
Personnel technique

A person acting in this capacity prepares drawings, sketches and technical documents on a daily basis for the entrepreneurs, professionals and public servants carrying out layout, renovation and construction work in the National Assembly buildings. He or she plans, organizes and coordinates medium-size layout, construction and renovation projects in compliance with technical, regulatory, budgetary and ergonomic constraints.

As a Public Works Technician, you may be called on to:

  • carry out and coordinate workstation layout and facility renovation projects by analyzing clients’ needs and establishing various potential solutions
  • respond to requests for ergonomic adjustments to workstations by meeting the managers and employees involved in order to gather information about their work methods, the equipment used and the problems to solve
  • collaborate in projects with colleagues by putting your expertise and experience at the service of your team in order to create comprehensive projects that support the directorate’s objectives.

Building mechanics technician

Building mechanics technician
Personnel technique

A person acting in this capacity carries out work to install, maintain, modify and repair building mechanical and energy systems so as to keep the institution’s property and buildings in good condition and maintain their highest and best use. The person also provides support to parliamentarians and administrative units, in particular by ensuring the reliability of equipment in accordance with manufacturers’ regulations and recommendations. Teamwork and collaboration are essential for these technicians so they can provide continuous service in case of an emergency and respond promptly to breakdowns, damage or disasters that may affect buildings.

As a Building Mechanics Technician, you may be called on to:

  • establish, organize and maintain a preventive maintenance program for each electromechanical device
  • verify, prepare and carry out installations, modifications and repairs of the Assembly’s building systems
  • plan and supervise plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration work conducted in the buildings to ensure the work complies with plans, specifications, codes and regulations.

Tradesperson – Carpentry

Tradesperson – Carpentry
Personnel ouvrier

A person acting in this capacity performs the carpentry work required to build, repair or maintain the Assembly’s buildings and furnishings to ensure they are in optimal condition for occupancy and use.

As a Carpentry Tradesperson, you may be called on to:

  • perform carpentry, joinery and assembly jobs involving the inspection, maintenance and repair of architectural components
  • perform workshop duties related to the construction, alteration and repair of the buildings, their components and furnishings, in order to ensure the building inventory is functional and in good condition
  • examine plans, drawings and sketches to understand the specifications and calculate the materials needed.

Tradesperson - General maintenance

Tradesperson - General maintenance
Personnel ouvrier

A person acting in this capacity installs, modifies, maintains and repairs the mechanical equipment in the Assembly buildings, carries out preventive maintenance on that equipment and offers troubleshooting services to ensure occupants’ continued comfort and safety.

As a General Maintenance Tradesperson, you may be called on to:

  • interpret plans, specifications and technical documentation in order to maintain and repair mechanical equipment such as pumps, fans and conveyors
  • perform maintenance work or minor repairs on piping, heating and refrigeration systems
  • provide 24/7 emergency service, alternating among colleagues, to respond promptly to breakdowns, damage and disasters that may affect buildings.

Tradesperson - Plumbing and heating

Tradesperson - Plumbing and heating
Personnel ouvrier

A person acting in this capacity installs, maintains and repairs, among other things, the building’s mechanical systems, piped water systems, indoor and outdoor drainage systems, and irrigation equipment and systems to ensure all such equipment is functional and in good condition.

As a Plumbing and Heating Tradesperson, you may be called on to:

  • install, modify and adjust sanitary fixtures, heating equipment and water, sewage and heating pipes to ensure that equipment is functional and in good condition
  • carry out mandatory weekly and monthly tests and inspections of fire sprinkler components such as pumps, supervised control valves and detectors in order to comply with regulatory requirements
  • provide 24/7 emergency service, alternating among colleagues, to respond promptly to breakdowns, damage and disasters that may affect buildings.

Tradesperson - Electricity

Tradesperson - Electricity
Personnel ouvrier

A person acting in this capacity carries out work to install, maintain and repair all the electrical systems for lighting, heating, fire alarm systems, access and intrusion control, as well as all other electrical systems, to ensure all property, furniture and buildings of the Assembly are in good condition. He or she installs electrical outlets of all voltages (electrical potential) and amperages (electrical current intensity), installs distribution boards and lays surface and in-wall conduits.

As an Electricity Tradesperson, you may be called on to:

  • install, check, repair and replace electric cables, electrical outlets, switch boxes, conduits and other components
  • test electric and electronic equipment and their components to check continuity, current, voltage and resistance
  • maintain, repair, install and test switchgear, transformers, switchboard meters, regulators and reactors.

Tradesperson - Storage of materials

Tradesperson - Storage of materials
Personnel ouvrier

A person acting in this capacity carries out various material handling tasks in the buildings of the Assembly and in the other buildings located on Parliament Hill. To that end, he or she handles, transports, gathers and delivers mail, documents, packages, records, equipment and various merchandise to political and administrative customers.

As a Material Storage Tradesperson, you may be called on to:

  • help with shipping and receiving when trucks unload goods and help register those goods
  • prepare orders by processing requests and orders for supplies, sorting materials, packaging and objects in accordance with the standards in effect.

Tradesperson - Maintenance assistant

Tradesperson - Maintenance assistant
Personnel ouvrier

A person acting in this capacity carries out various simple, routine tasks pertaining to the maintenance of the buildings and grounds.

As a Maintenance Assistant Tradesperson, you may be called on to:

  • carry out maintenance and repair work on buildings and grounds to ensure their sustainability and relieve certified tradespeople of certain simple, routine tasks
  • carry out and coordinate snow and ice removal from the roofs and grounds to ensure that people can move about safely and to prevent water infiltration in the buildings
  • handle heavy objects and unload materials intended for building maintenance in order to ensure the integrity and proper storage of these objects and materials.


Our exciting, innovative projects!

Plan de gestion des actifs de l’Assemblée nationale

Direction de la gestion immobilière et des ressources matérielles, Service de l’exploitation

Responsable du projet : Robin Hagen

Date de réalisation du projet : 1er mars 2021

Le Service de l’exploitation de la Direction de la gestion immobilière et des ressources matérielles vise l’excellence opérationnelle en matière de maintien des actifs immobiliers de l’Assemblée nationale. Celle-ci compte cinq immeubles, dont certains présentent une valeur patrimoniale. C’est de cette vision que provient le projet de rédaction d’un plan de gestion des actifs (Bilan de santé des immeubles). Une fois complété, ce projet ambitieux et structurant permettra d’établir l’inventaire complet des actifs, leur niveau de désuétude de même que les coûts de remplacement. Il permettra aussi d’établir les priorités à court, moyen et long terme, afin de maximiser les investissements et de réduire les défaillances. En parallèle, en collaboration avec le personnel, les nombreuses démarches en amélioration continue permettront d’optimiser les activités de maintenance et d’acquisition, et de prolonger le cycle de vie de plusieurs actifs. Piloté par un ingénieur du Service l’exploitation des immeubles, le plan de gestion des actifs nécessite la participation de tous les corps de métier et de l’expertise unique de chacun.

Ce projet constitue la pierre angulaire d’une vision mobilisatrice à tous les niveaux du Service de l’exploitation. En effet, bien que son objectif principal soit de mieux planifier les interventions en gestion des actifs immobiliers de l’Assemblée nationale, il a permis de développer un sentiment de fierté au sein de l’équipe. La fierté de faire les bonnes choses au bon moment et d’être à la fine pointe des pratiques en matière de maintenance d’un parc immobilier.