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Discover our extraordinary internship programs!

Internship Program


Have you heard about the Fondation Jean-Charles-Bonenfant Internship Program?

Every year, the National Assembly offers five 10-month internships to university graduates who want to learn more about how the Assembly works. Some specific aspects of this unique experience include:

  • being paired with a Government Member and an Opposition Member;
  • participating in an exploratory mission abroad;
  • writing an essay related to parliamentarianism; and
  • receiving a $24,000 bursary.

For more information, consult the Fondation website and brochure (French only).

Internship Program

Student Page

An incomparable window on Québec politics!

Are you studying at the undergraduate level and looking for an internship? This program might be just what you are looking for!

Very few people, other than those having been duly elected, are allowed on the National Assembly floor while parliamentary proceedings are underway. However, the page internship program offers 14 undergraduate students the opportunity to do just this. Student pages play a functional role in the House and in so doing have an opportunity to observe first-hand political, legislative and parliamentary processes, as well as the important work that also goes on in committee but receives less media attention. As part of the program, interns must write a research paper on a particular aspect of parliamentarianism.

For more information, go to: