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Keepers of the National Assembly's memory

The National Assembly Library's foremost mandate is to provide parliamentarians with the documentation they need in the course of parliamentary proceedings or for their research. The Library has a rich collection comprised of monographs, periodicals, newspapers, old documents, and Québec and Canadian government publications. The Library also plays an essential role in the preservation of archival materials.

Primarily directed towards MNAs, the librarians' reference and research services are also available to MNAs' staff, National Assembly employees, persons designated by the Assembly, and Press Gallery journalists. Librarians also take part in special projects, such as thematic exhibitions.

More specifically, librarians conduct research prior to Assembly proceedings, such as for parliamentary committees.  This research includes

  • preparing a review of the various positions on an issue,
  • providing bibliographies, and
  • documenting certain aspects of an issue.

Librarians also contribute to drafting the Library's Bulletin.

The Library's Bulletin

Published since 1970, the Library's Bulletin disseminates knowledge on and developments in Québec parliamentary institutions and parliamentarism. It also touches on certain major social and political debates, examining them from a parliamentary viewpoint.

Rénald is a librarian at the National Assembly: "Being a librarian at the National Assembly means having the privilege of working to spread the knowledge and information of an institution that is unique by virtue of both its mission and its role."



Interested in this job?

Librarians must have passed a public service recruitment competition for the job class of librarian and hold a post-graduate degree (Master's) in library science. This job requires basic oral skills in English and a very good understanding of written English.