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At the National Assembly, take on a challenge that matches your skills!

The Québec Parliament: An exciting story to tell!

Guides offer the public their first glimpse inside the National Assembly. They explain the role of Parliament and how it works to visitors, tourists, school groups and guests. The rich history and the architecture of the Parliament Building also make up an important part of the tours.

The National Assembly is at the very heart of the action and of democracy in Québec. It is the responsibility of the guides to welcome visitors attending parliamentary proceedings. They also welcome dignitaries and delegates during official ceremonies and international events.

Day after day, guides work with determination to provide quality service to groups of all ages and from all walks of life. Since the National Assembly receives visitors from all over the world, guides must be fluent in French and English, and command of a third language is also an asset.

The history of the Parliament on display

The design of the Parliament Building was inspired by the expression "Je me souviens", which was coined by the architect Eugène-Étienne Taché and later became Québec's motto. The building, completed in 1886, displays features that illustrate the origins and the evolution of Québec. For more than a century, this majestic building has been the centre of legislative power in Québec, and the place where Québec's 125 elected representatives work to pass legislation.


Martine is a guide at the National Assembly: "What I particularly like about my work is that I can share my passion for Québec's history and democratic institutions with many visitors of all ages and from all cultures."



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Guides must:

It is also possible to get a student job as a guide. The National Assembly uses the Placement étudiant website (