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Regular and Casual Employment

To be hired as a regular or casual employee with the National Assembly you must first pass a Québec public service competition. Your name will then be placed on a list of candidates declared qualified.

If you have already passed the Québec public service competition:

A regular job is a permanent job. However, a probationary period is mandatory before permanent status is granted. A casual job is a job of predetermined duration, and may be full-time or part-time. You must be a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status to hold employment in the public service.

To Take Part in a Competition 

Regularly consult the Carrières website (French only), which posts job openings in the Québec public service, and stay in contact by receiving notice of job openings by email or RSS.

Register at student recruitment if you are in your last year of a university program, college technical program or secondary school vocational program.

Québec public service competitions and student recruitment are under the responsibility of the Centre des services partagés du Québec, whose mission includes providing human resources services to Québec government departments and bodies.



Some casual jobs at the National Assembly, mostly part-time, do not require the candidate to sit for a Québec public service competition. Most of these jobs are with

  • the restaurants
  • the Hospitality and Information Service
  • the National Assembly Channel
  • the Journal des débats

You may:

Even if there are no jobs that correspond to your profile, send us your CV and specify your fields of interest. Your CV will be kept on file at the National Assembly for one year. 

Student Jobs

If you were a part-time or full-time student during the last school semester, you may be eligible for a student job. These jobs are full-time in summer and part-time in fall and winter.

The National Assembly recruits its student employees through Placement étudiant.

Please note that the National Assembly is not responsible for hiring political staff.