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Regular and Casual Employment

Regular jobs are permanent. Casual jobs are of predetermined duration and may be full-time, part-time or on-call.

To be hired as a regular or casual employee with the National Assembly, you must first successfully complete a Québec public service qualification process. Your name is then added to a bank of qualified persons. Persons whose names have been placed on a list of candidates declared qualified are also eligible to apply for jobs at the National Assembly.

If you are a regular public service employee, watch for our job offers on the Emploi en ligne website.

If you are not in a bank of qualified persons or on a list of candidates declared qualified, please go to the Centre de services partagés du Québec website at You will find all the necessary information on the qualification process, which opens the door to casual and regular employment with the Gouvernement du Québec.


Unsolicited Applications 

For some casual jobs at the National Assembly, mainly part-time and on-call positions, applicants need not complete a Québec public service qualification process.

If you are interested in a position as a transcriber, cook, waiter, cafeteria worker or bartender, send your résumé to


Student Jobs

During your studies, you can hold student employment in the Québec public service. Student jobs are full-time in the summer and part-time in the fall and winter.

To apply, you must:

  1. meet the eligibility criteria;
  2. register with Online Placement. Remember to update your file annually to keep it active.

The National Assembly selects its candidates from the Online Placement bank in a random, impartial manner according to the positions to be filled and the profiles sought (field of study, years of schooling completed).

Please note that the National Assembly is not responsible for hiring political personnel that work with the MNAs.