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Since September 2015, internships in the public service, including the National Assembly, have been posted on the government portal. Educational institutions can access the portal and then relay the information to their students. Students are invited to watch for internship offers posted in their institutions and to apply when the opportunity arises.

For further information on public service internships and eligibility requirements, go to

The Assembly’s 45 job classes cover a wide range of activity sectors including:

  • administrative support (e.g. secretarial work)
  • technical work (e.g. information technology)
  • professional work (e.g. political science, international relations, law, library science)
  • various trades (e.g. cabinet making)
  • restaurant work (e.g. cooking)

Becoming an intern at the National Assembly means:

  • gaining practical experience in an environment where MNAs debate the public issues of the day and exercise their legislative and oversight roles
  • learning in a prestigious, dynamic institution that is steeped in history and home to Québec’s decision-makers
  • putting your skills and abilities into practice
  • belonging to a professional, dynamic, dedicated team
  • taking part in a one-of-a-kind internship experience and enhancing your academic credentials
  • getting a look at what having a career in the Québec public service is like

Fondation Jean-Charles-Bonenfant Internship Program

The Fondation offers five 10-month paid internships at the National Assembly to Québec university graduates. This unique experience allows interns to familiarize themselves with the workings of the Assembly and involves:

  • being paired with a Government Member and an Opposition Member
  • attending meetings with individuals designated by the National Assembly
  • participating in an exploratory mission outside Canada
  • writing an essay related to parliamentarianism
  • receiving a $24,000 bursary

For more information, go to the Fondation website.

Fondation Jean-Charles-Bonenfant interns

Internship Program for Student Pages

Very few people who have not been elected may be on the National Assembly floor during parliamentary proceedings. However, the page internship program offers 14 undergraduate students the opportunity to do just this.

Student pages play a practical role in the House. Experiencing political, legislative and parliamentary activity firsthand, they are able to witness the Members’ less publicized work in committee. Interns must also write a research paper on an aspect of parliamentarianism.

For more information, go to the website

Internship Program - Student Pages

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