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The Parliamentary Committees of Québec’s National Assembly

Year of publication: 2018
Category: Parliamentary
Languages: French, English
Format: Brochure, PDF Document (3.11 MB)
Number of pages: 34


For the Members of the National Assembly, parliamentary committees are the ideal forum for examining proposed legislation in detail and overseeing the spending and performance of Québec government departments and bodies. In addition, the consultations held by committees have proven valuable as a means of eliciting the opinion of organizations and the general public on matters of public interest.

The brochure:

  • provides a brief history of Québec’s parliamentary committees
  • describes how they are set up and how they work (areas of competence, composition, types of committee, the roles of the Chair and members)
  • describes what they do in the course of a legislature

How to get the brochure:

Contact the Parliamentary Committees Directorate at 418-643-2722 or toll free at 1-866-337-8837) or write to

Cost: Free