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Recueil de décisions concernant la procédure parlementaire (compilation of rulings from the Chair)

Category: Parliamentary
Language: French
Format: PDF (2 volumes)

Number of pages:
  • Recueil de décisions de l’Assemblée : 588 pages
  • Recueil de décisions des commissions : 187 pages


The Recueil de décisions concernant la procédure parlementaire includes a selection of rulings that are of interest for the interpretation of the rules of procedure governing the proceedings of the Assemblée nationale du Québec (the Assembly) and the parliamentary committees.

The Recueil comprises 2 volumes:

  • rulings made by the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Assembly since 1972; and
  • rulings made in committees since March 13, 1984.

In addition to the rulings, each volume contains:

  • an index to facilitate consultation; and
  • a list of the words and expressions spoken in proceedings since 1984 that have been ruled by the presiding officer of the Assembly or a parliamentary committee to constitute unparliamentary language.