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Répertoire législatif de l’Assemblée nationale (thematic index of legislative activity)

Publication interval: Annually, in February
Category: Legislative
Language: French
Format: Book
Number of pages: Approximately 120


Prepared by the Assemblée nationale and published by Publications du Québec, the Répertoire législatif de l’Assemblée nationale is a summary of the legislative activity that has taken place in the Assemblée nationale du Québec over the course of a calendar year.

The directory contains, among other things,

  • a fact sheet for each public statute;
  • a table of amendments made to public statutes;
  • a list of public statutes by department or sector; and
  • an alphabetical index of public statutes.

To obtain the publication,

visit the Publications du Québec website or contact their customer services:
  • Telephone: 418-643-5150 or, toll-free, 1-800-463-2100
  • Fax: 418-643-6177 or, toll-free, 1-800-561-3479


 depends on the number of pages.