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Cumulative Table of Amendments to the Revised Statutes

Category: Legislative
Languages: French, English
Format: PDF document (available on the Publications du Québec site)


The Cumulative Table of Amendments made to the Revised Statutes of Québec and other Public Acts since 1977 lists those amendments without regard to the date of coming into force or to amendments from other sources, such as orders in council. Other public Acts, i.e. those that are not subject to consolidation, those that are not yet included in the Revised Statutes of Québec, and the Civil Code of Québec, are found at the end.

The Table lists:

  • the reference and title of the amended Acts
  • amended sections (bold-faced)
  • the year and chapter of the amending annual statute

The Table is updated by the National Assembly and can be consulted on the Publications du Québec site.