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Index du Journal des débats de l’Assemblée nationale et des commissions parlementaires (Index of the Hansard)

Publication interval: approximately 6 months after a parliamentary session ends
Categories: Parliamentary, Bibliothèque de l'Assemblée
Language: French
Format: Print
Number of pages: varies between editions


At the end of each parliamentary session since 1964, the Assemblée nationale du Québec (the Assembly) has published an index known as the Index du Journal des débats for that session, providing access to the content of the record, known as the Hansard in other jurisdictions, of the Members' work in the Assembly and in parliamentary committees.

The Index provides access to the content of proceedings

  • by topic;
  • by Member (all interventions by Members in the Assembly and in committee are identified and classified by topic);
  • by bill (the debates on each bill and each draft bill introduced during the session);
  • by parliamentary committee mandate (public hearings, examination of the budget estimates, clause-by-clause consideration, etc.);
  • by individual or organization that presented a brief in committee; and
  • by individual who was heard in committee.

The words and expressions that constitute the Index du Journal des débats (called "rubriques" ("entries") or "vedettes" ("entry terms")) are integrated into the advanced search function of the Assembly's website.

To obtain this publication:

the Index du Journal des débats can be ordered for one or more parliamentary sessions.


For further information on ordering this publication, see: How to order a copy.


Varies depending on the session covered by the Index.