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Ordering a Video Excerpt

Excerpts of some National Assembly video archives may be viewed or downloaded from the Video section of the National Assembly's website. Excerpts of the following digital archives can be obtained, on request:

  • sittings of the National Assembly or parliamentary committees
  • press conferences
  • special events, e.g. swearings-in of Members and Cabinet members, educational activities held at the National Assembly

Authorization must be obtained from the National Assembly to reproduce or broadcast excerpts not available for download from the Video section. Copies can be obtained in digital format, on request.

Assembly authorization is mandatory for the following webcasts:

  • Mémoires
  • Figures de la démocratie

The "Archives, National Assembly of Québec" credit must be shown when an excerpt is broadcast.

General Information

  • The National Assembly's video archives go as far back as October 3, 1978, and most of them are available.
  • Fees may apply.
  • The reproduction of Assembly, committee or subcommittee debates for the purpose of broadcasting them in whole or in part does not require Assembly authorization, subject to sections 48 and 49 of the Act respecting the National Assembly (CQLR, chapter A-23.1).
  • Such broadcasts must not be made with malicious intent.

To Order

  • Contact the Digital Content Service:
  • Specify:
    • day, month and year
    • approximate time
    • person or persons involved, where applicable
    • approximate duration

This information can be found by


Additional Information

To make a comment or inform us of technical difficulties in viewing a video, contact the National Assembly at