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Media and Camera Crews

The National Assembly offers services to the media to facilitate their work off-site or inside Assembly buildings, including the Parliament Building.

The Assembly allows camera crews in its buildings on certain conditions. People or bodies are also allowed to meet with the media at the Parliament Building on certain occasions.

Press Accreditation

Media representatives wishing to attend a press conference or cover an activity in the buildings of the National Assembly must first obtain accreditation.

Accreditation gives access to

  • press conferences and briefings as well as activities open to the media that take place in the rooms and buildings of the National Assembly, including the following press conference rooms:
    • Room 1.131 (salle Bernard-Lalonde) in the Parliament Building
    • Room 1.30 in the Pamphile-Le May Building
  • protocol ceremonies open to the public

Location of the National Assembly’s press conference rooms

All accredited media representatives, whether or not members of the Press Gallery, must observe the rules for media access inside the buildings of the National Assembly.

Accreditation may be permanent or temporary (for a specific activity) and is issued after the usual verifications.

Permanent Accreditation

The Press Gallery grants permanent accreditation to media representatives who meet specific criteria. For more information: 418-643-1357

Temporary Accreditation

Only recognized representatives of recognized media can obtain temporary accreditation. To obtain accreditation:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 418-643-1357
  • In person, during regular office hours:

    Secrétariat de la Tribune de la presse
    Édifice André-Laurendeau
    1050, rue des Parlementaires, 1st floor, room 1.47

See the André-Laurendeau Building on the plan of the parliamentary buildings

Requests for an Interview with the President of the Assembly, a Member or a Minister

To request an interview with the President or an employee of the Assembly, call the Communications Directorate.

Béatrice Zacharie
Communications Directorate
418 808-4102

To request an interview with a minister, contact the minister’s press secretary.

To request an interview with a Member, contact the Member’s office. See list of outgoing MNAs

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)

The buildings of the National Assembly have several Wi-Fi hotspots for laptop computers. The Assembly does not provide any technical support for this service.

Audio and Video Links

Media representatives can obtain audio and video links to send interviews, reports or features from the buildings or grounds of the Assembly.

To obtain the links, contact the Digital Content Service.

  • Québec City area: 418-644-5481 or 418-643-9448
  • Toll-free: 1-866-337-8837

Video Excerpts

In the Audio and Video section (French only) of its website, the Assembly broadcasts

  • the sittings of the Assembly and the parliamentary committees
  • press conferences and briefings
  • certain special events (swearing-in of the Cabinet, educational activities at the Assembly, etc.)
  • television series, such as Mémoires de députés.

Certain video productions may be viewed and downloaded after their live broadcast.

The Assembly may also digitally transmit video archives of parliamentary proceedings or other activities on request.

To order a video excerpt

Services Reserved for Members of the Press Gallery

The Québec Parliament Press Gallery groups together the representatives of about 20 media organizations that have access to services such as the distribution of documents (bills, briefs presented in parliamentary committee, committee reports, etc.), messenger services and documentation.

To join the Press Gallery

  • Telephone: 418-643-1357

Obtaining Clean Audio or Video Feeds from the Assembly

Members of the Press Gallery and, on certain conditions, other media representatives may have access to clean feeds transmitted by the Assembly during the audio and video recording of parliamentary proceedings and various activities held in its buildings.

The Assembly transmits up to six audio and video feeds simultaneously.

To obtain this free service, contact the Digital Content Service.

  • Telephone:
    • Québec City area: 418-644-5482 or 418-644-5488
    • Toll-free: 1-866-337-8837

Requests to Film at the Assembly

The National Assembly of Québec allows camera crews into the parliamentary buildings on certain conditions. In general, the filming must deal with parliamentarism, politics, history or another related subject in a neutral manner. It may in particular involve acquiring footage for documentaries, films, interviews and public affairs programs. Filming for commercial or partisan purposes is prohibited in the parliamentary buildings and on the National Assembly’s grounds. All filming requests must be submitted in advance for prior review and authorization.

To be eligible for authorization, a film or video project must meet the following conditions:

  • be on a theme that aligns with the mission of the National Assembly of Québec;
  • promote a positive image of the National Assembly;
  • respect the neutrality of the National Assembly;
  • not hinder parliamentary proceedings or institutional activities; and
  • not impede the movement of persons.

If your project meets the above criteria, please complete the National Assembly’s filming request form entitled "Demande pour la tenue d'un tournage ou d'une prise d'image à l'Assemblée nationale du Québec" and submit it to the Communications Directorate for review.

Mireille Blackburn
Communications Directorate
418-643-1992, ext. 70680

Meeting with the Media at the Parliament Building

The following persons and groups are authorized to hold press conferences and briefings in the Assembly buildings:

  • Members and former Members of the National Assembly (MNAs);
  • representatives of the bodies that report to the National Assembly (Lobbyists Commissioner, Chief Electoral Officer, Public Protector, Auditor General, French Language Commissioner);
  • persons or organizations participating in a press activity organized by an MNA;
  • persons or organizations authorized by the President of the National Assembly; and
  • groups or members of the public appearing before a parliamentary committee, who may meet briefly with the media outside the committee room after testifying.

The Press Gallery also makes the Jacques-L'Archevêque room available to other groups and organizations. It is located on the first floor of the André-Laurendeau Building at 1050, rue des Parlementaires, in close proximity to the Parliament Building. Prior approval by the Press Gallery is required to rent this space.

For more information about booking, contact the Press Gallery Secretariat by email at or by phone at 418 643-1357.

Information and Requests for Interviews or Filming

Béatrice Zacharie
Communications Directorate

Contacting the Press Gallery

Québec Parliament Press Gallery
Édifice André-Laurendeau
1050, rue des Parlementaires
1er étage, bureau 1.47
Québec (Québec)  G1R 5J1
Telephone: 418-643-1357
Fax: 418-643-4151


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