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Rules for Media Access at the National Assembly

All media representatives covering an activity inside the buildings of the National Assembly must observe the following rules, whether or not they are members of the Québec Parliament Press Gallery. These rules were drawn up by the President of the Assembly in collaboration with the board of directors of the Press Gallery.

For more on these rules, contact the Assembly’s Communications and Visitor Experience Directorate.

  • Telephone:
    • Québec City area: 418-643-1992
    • Toll-free: 1-866-337-8837

General Rules

  • ID card (for members of the Press Gallery) or temporary accreditation is mandatory.
  • Identification of radio or television stations on microphones is prohibited.
  • Media activities must never
    • compromise security
    • interfere with order or decorum, proper conduct of activities or free movement of people
    • damage physical property
    • hinder television recording by the Assembly

Rules Applicable to Certain Rooms and Areas

National Assembly Chamber

Only photographers accredited by the President of the National Assembly may make videos or take photos when the Assembly is sitting.

Parliamentary Committee Rooms

In parliamentary committee, photos may be taken and video or audio recordings made from the areas located behind the committee members

  • with the authorization of the committee chair, who may prohibit such activity at any time
  • before a meeting opens or when a witness begins speaking

Interviews are only allowed during a suspension and after adjournment of proceedings.

Main Entrance Hall Alcoves and Hall Between the National Assembly Chamber and the Legislative Council Chamber

  • Press briefings, interviews and filming are allowed during parliamentary proceedings and Assembly activities.
  • In other circumstances, prior authorization from the President of the Assembly is required.
  • Access to these areas may be restricted during special activities (Budget Speech, swearing-in of Members, etc.).

Areas Where Access is Prohibited or Requires Special Authorization

Press briefings, interviews and filming are prohibited

  • in the hallway leading to the area behind the National Assembly Chamber
  • in the hallways where the Members’ offices are located, except with prior authorization from a person responsible for the parliamentary wing concerned
  • in the offices of the administrative personnel of the Assembly, except with prior authorization from the Secretary General of the Assembly


The President of the Assembly must authorize any exception to these rules.