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Documents tabled on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Documents made public by an MNA during a sitting of the Assemblée nationale are called tabled documents. They become part of the public record.

Among the documents tabled in the Assemblée, only reports by the Officers of the Assemblée nationale, annual reports, committee reports and the strategic plans of Québec government departments and bodies are available online (within 48 hours of being tabled).

Only the printed version of a document, physically presented to the Assemblée, is official.

For more on tabled documents and on consulting documents that are not available online

Documents tabled
Date of tabling Tabled by Title Number Category
2015-11-11 Chagnon, Jacques, President of the National Assembly The Law Clerk's report on the following private bill: 216 An Act respecting the sale of an immovable situated on the Bois-Franc Ouest range in Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Cœur-d’Issoudun. The report states that the notice was drafted and published in accordance with the rules for the conduct of proceedings that concern private bills (PDF, 564 KB)  1714-20151111 Law Clerk's report
2015-11-11 Chagnon, Jacques, President of the National Assembly A letter, dated 10 November 2015, he had received from Mr. Pierre Karl Péladeau, Leader of the Official Opposition, informing him of the appointment of: Mr. André Villeneuve, Member for Berthier, and Mr. Dave Turcotte, Member for Saint-Jean, as substitute members of the Office of the National Assembly (PDF, 303 KB)  1715-20151111 Other
2015-11-11 Ouellette, Guy, Chair of the Committee on Institutions Report from the Committee on Institutions - Clause-by-clause consideration of Bill 51, An Act mainly to make the administration of justice more efficient and fines for minors more deterrent (PDF, 8 MB)  1716-20151111 Committee report
2015-11-11 Charbonneau, Francine, Minister of Families Copy of a letter, dated 20 October 2105, she had addressed to Mrs. Gina Gasparrini, President of the Association québécoise des centres de la petite enfance, concerning the revision of the terms for creating subsidized childcare spaces (PDF, 86 KB)  1717-20151111 Other