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Current Orders of Parliamentary Committees

This page lists the orders currently being carried out by parliamentary committees, such as the clause-by-clause consideration of a bill, the examination of the management of a public body or a public consultation.

For more on a past order, consult the page of the committee responsible for it in the list of committees or use the advanced search function to find the order.

More on the types of orders carried out by parliamentary committees

Current committee orders
Date Committee Title of Order Participate
2023-03-16 Public Administration Hearing of the Auditor General of Québec on its annual management report and financial commitments Comment
2023-03-16 Public Administration Hearing of the Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor concerning its administrative management and financial commitments, as well as on the Report on the application of the Public Administration Act Comment
2023-04-20 Planning and the Public Domain Clause-by-clause consideration of Bill 201, An Act respecting Municipalité de Morin-Heights Comment
2023-06-06 Labour and Economy Statuer sur la possibilité que la Commission se saisisse d’un mandat d’initiative sur l’émergence et le développement de la technologie d’intelligence artificielle « GPT » et les bouleversements que son avènement entraînera sur le marché du travail québécois
2023-05-24 Public Finance Special consultations and public hearings on the report on the application of the Act to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoings relating to public bodies Comment
2023-04-19 Institutions Hearing the interested parties and giving clause-by-clause consideration to Private Bill 203, An Act respecting the objects and powers of the Roman Catholic Archiepiscopal corporation of Montréal Comment
2023-04-19 Institutions Clause-by-clause consideration og Bill 14, an Act to amend various provisions relating to public security and to enact the Act to assist in locating missing persons Comment
2023-05-25 Institutions Clause-by-clause consideration of Bill 26, an Act to amend the Courts of Justice Act to, in particular, give effect to the agreement between the chief judge of the Court of Québec and the Minister of Justice
2023-05-31 Institutions Séance de travail - Statuer sur la possibilité que la Commission se saisisse d’un mandat d'initiative portant sur l’augmentation de la violence au Québec
2023-05-19 Culture and Education Special consultations and public hearings on Bill 23, An Act to amend mainly the Education Act and to enact the Act respecting the Institut national d’excellence en éducation Comment
2023-05-30 Citizen Relations General consultation and public hearings on the consultation document entitled : Planning of Immigration to Québec for the 2024-2027 Period Take part in a consultation Comment
2023-05-31 Health and Social Services Clause-by-claude consideration of Bill 15, An Act to make the health and social services system more effective Comment