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Documents tabled on Thursday, October 27, 2016

Documents made public by an MNA during a sitting of the Assemblée nationale are called tabled documents. They become part of the public record.

Among the documents tabled in the Assemblée, only reports by the Officers of the Assemblée nationale, annual reports, committee reports and the strategic plans of Québec government departments and bodies are available online (within 48 hours of being tabled).

Only the printed version of a document, physically presented to the Assemblée, is official.

For more on tabled documents and on consulting documents that are not available online

Documents tabled
Date of tabling Tabled by Title Number Category
2016-10-27 Weil, Kathleen, Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness Québec’s immigration plan for 2017 (PDF, 910 KB)  2685-20161027 Other
2016-10-27 Fortin, Luc, Minister of Culture and Communications The 2015—2016 annual report of the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, including the financial statements of the Museum and of the Museum Foundation (PDF, 219 KB)  2687-20161027 Annual report
2016-10-27 Fournier, Jean-Marc, Government House Leader The reply to a written question from Mrs. Massé (Sainte-Marie—Saint-Jacques) on the development and assessment of the action plans and programs coordinated by the Secrétariat à la condition féminine, in particular with respect to gender equality and sexual violence - Question No. 197, Order Paper and Notices of 6 October 2016 (PDF, 311 KB)  2688-20161027 Answers to written questions
2016-10-27 Chagnon, Jacques, President of the National Assembly A letter, dated 26 October 2016, he had received from Mr. Gerry Sklavounos, Member for Laurier-Dorion (PDF, 449 KB)  2689-20161027 Other
2016-10-27 Merlini, Richard, Chair of the Committee on Health and Social Services Report from the Committee on Health and Social Services - Committee Chair election (PDF, 542 KB)  2690-20161027 Committee report
2016-10-27 Bérubé, Pascal, Official Opposition House Leader A copy of an email exchange, dated 18 May 2016, between Mrs. Dominique Savoie and Mr. Jean-Louis Dufresne concerning the transmission of documents in relation to the audits of professionals’ compliance with processes (PCP) at the Ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports, and a departmental memo, dated 19 May 2016, on the report on professionals’ compliance with processes entitled “Rapport d’audit : Audit des professionnels en conformité des processus (PCP)” (PDF, 226 KB)  2691-20161027 Other
2016-10-27 Barrette, Gaétan, Minister of Health and Social Services The annual activity report of the Commission sur les soins de fin de vie for the period 10 December 2015 to 30 June 2016 (PDF, 520 KB)  2686-20161027 Activity report