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Documents tabled on Friday, December 10, 2021

Documents made public by an MNA during a sitting of the Assemblée nationale are called tabled documents. They become part of the public record.

Among the documents tabled in the Assemblée, only reports by the Officers of the Assemblée nationale, annual reports, committee reports and the strategic plans of Québec government departments and bodies are available online (within 48 hours of being tabled).

Only the printed version of a document, physically presented to the Assemblée, is official.

For more on tabled documents and on consulting documents that are not available online

Documents tabled
Date of tabling Tabled by Title Number Category
2021-12-10 Girard, Eric, Minister of Finance The actuarial report amending the Actuarial Valuation of the Québec Pension Plan as at 31 December 2018 (PDF, 5 MB)  187-20211210 Other
2021-12-10 McCann, Danielle, Minister of Higher Education The 2020–2021 annual management report of the Commission d’évaluation de l’enseignement collégial (PDF, 982 KB)  186-20211210 Annual report
2021-12-10 Boulet, Jean, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity The actuarial report of the Québec Parental Insurance Plan, as at 31 December 2020 (PDF, 2 MB)  188-20211210 Other
2021-12-10 Jolin-Barrette, Simon, Government House Leader The Government’s reply to a petition tabled on 28 October 2021 by Mr. Zanetti (Jean-Lesage) on cancelling the draft regulation aimed at raising the standard for nickel (PDF, 155 KB)  189-20211210 Government's written answer to a petition
2021-12-10 Jolin-Barrette, Simon, Government House Leader The reply to a written question from Mr. LeBel (Rimouski) on the closure of Services Québec’s offices in Saint-Pascal, Percé and New Carlisle — Question No. 33, Order Paper and Notices of 25 November 2021 (PDF, 139 KB)  190-20211210 Answers to written questions
2021-12-10 Paradis, François, President of the National Assembly Report from the Committee on Institutions - Clause-by-clause consideration of Bill 7, An Act to facilitate the conduct of the next provincial general election in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and to amend the Election Act (PDF, 2 MB)  191-20211210 Committee report
2021-12-10 Lefebvre, Eric, Chief Government Whip The abstract of a petition on maintaining the Rivière-du-Loup ferry service, signed by 1,529 citizens of Québec (PDF, 57 KB)  193-20211210 Abstract of a petition
2021-12-10 Legault, François, Premier Mr. Philippe Berthelet’s remuneration and other conditions of employment as member of the Commission d’accès à l’information (PDF, 109 KB)  194-20211210 Other
2021-12-10 Birnbaum, David, Member for D’Arcy-McGee The abstract of a petition on protecting the right of access to English-language health services and social services, signed by 4,533 citizens of Québec (PDF, 1 MB)  192-20211210 Abstract of a petition