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Commenting on a Subject of Study

An Act to amend the Act to reduce the debt and establish the Generations Fund to provide for the achievement of a capitalization of one hundred billion dollars

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Start by filling out the required fields to ensure that your comment can be forwarded to the parliamentarians properly. Next, share your opinions and experiences in the boxes provided for that purpose. It is also possible to send a comment by mail. To do so, print the PDF form and fill it out by hand.

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Age group

The personal information you provide to us is collected so that MNAs and their collaborators can support their reflection.

This information is shared only with these individuals and is used  for this purpose only. It is kept securely and in a manner that ensures its confidentiality. The information is archived permanently, as it is collected in the course of parliamentary proceedings. 

It should be noted that the personal information collected may be shared without your consent in certain cases provided for by law, in particular for the purpose of preventing, detecting or repressing a crime or an offence or for the purpose of preventing an act of violence. This is the case, specifically, for comments that are defamatory, abusive or obscene, or that incite hatred or violence.

Principle of the bill

1. What is your opinion on the objectives of the bill? (Required)

2. You can comment on the general intent of the bill.

Examples: the objectives of the bill (what it is trying to achieve); the timing of the introduction of the bill; possible alternative means of achieving the objectives.

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Suggestions for changes to the bill

You can comment on the details of the bill or suggest changes (amendments).

Examples: aspects you agree with; aspects you disagree with; what changes you would like to see made to the bill; other elements to consider.

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You can share your personal experience related to the subject of the bill.

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Other comments

You can use this section to provide any other comments on the subject of study.

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