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Cancellation of the tuition fee increase for students from outside of Quebec

Petition text

WHEREAS the student associations of Bishop’s, McGill and Concordia understand the severe consequences of the proposed reform to double out-of-province students’ tuition to upwards of $ 17,000;

WHEREAS this tuition increase has been imposed without the consent or consultation of student associations;

WHEREAS the introduction of students from outside Quebec represents a tremendous cultural and intellectual asset for the province, one that addresses the pressing labour shortage;

WHEREAS this increase in tuition fees will perpetuate elitist and classist barriers in post-secondary education;

WHEREAS accessible post-secondary education for all is critical to the economic and intellectual flourishing of individuals and society at large;

WHEREAS higher tuition fees will burden lower-income out-of-province students attending university in Quebec with increased debt and greater pressure to work during their studies;

WHEREAS Bishop’s University has contributed to the vibrancy and growth of Quebec for 180 years, as an educational, economic and cultural hub in the Eastern Townships;

WHEREAS this proposal will have devastating financial implications for the sustainability of Bishop’s University, as out-of-province students compose close to 30 % of enrolment;

We, the undersigned, demand that the Quebec government rescind this proposed tuition increase applicable to all non-resident international and out-of-province students starting in September 2024.

The signing period for this petition is over.

Signing deadline : November 27, 2023

Number of signatures : 33342

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