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Following a Petition's Path

My petition's signing period is over. What happens next?

  • The MNA presents the petition to the Assemblée nationale.
  • The petition may be examined in parliamentary committee.

See the guide entitled Presenting a Petition at the Assemblée nationale du Québec (PDF, 4 MB).

Did you know?

  • The presentation of a petition to the Assemblée is sometimes referred to as "tabling the petition".
  • Until the Assemblée is dissolved, the Gouvernement du Québec must respond to all petitions presented to the Assemblée nationale. However, this requirement ends with the dissolution of the Assemblée.

When will my petition be presented to the Assemblée nationale?

Petitions are presented to the Assemblée during Routine Proceedings. If your petition is an e-petition, it will be presented at one of the first three sittings after the date on which the signing period ends.

How can I know whether my petition has been presented?

What happens next?

Note: The time limit may be extended on certain occasions, such as when the committees are considering the Government's budget estimates.

Will I receive a response?

  • The Government must provide a response to a petition within 30 days.
  • The time starts running at the end of the 15 days for the committee to decide whether to examine the petition, or on the date when the committee decides not to examine the petition. If the petition is examined in committee, the time limit starts on the day the committee's report is tabled.
  • The Government's response is tabled in the Assemblée nationale and posted on the Consulting a Petition page.
Note: If the Assemblée is not sitting when the time limit expires, the response is tabled not later than the third sitting after the resumption of proceedings.

The proceedings have been suspended for an extended period… Will my petition be forgotten?

No! This has no effect on the petition process, except that certain time limits may be extended.

What happens to my petition in the event of the prorogation or dissolution of the Assemblée?

The prorogation of the Assemblée (ending of a session) has no effect on the petition process, except that the 15-day time limit the parliamentary committee has to decide whether or not it will consider a petition may be extended.

However, the dissolution of the Assemblée ends any requirement for the Government to respond to a petition.