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Water fluoridation

Petition text

Considering that:

  • Water fluoridation raises many concerns for the population and that the controversy is amplified in the scientific world regarding its effectiveness and its impact on health and the environment;
  • The fluorides used come from industrial waste derived from the smokestacks of phosphate fertilizer plants and that the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec is unable to provide the toxicological tests required to prove their safety;
  • No one can legally impose a medical dental treatment to an entire population, no matter their needs, age, sex, diet or health by using an unsanitary substance that is classified as a water treatment product;
  • This measure being illegal by going against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, citizens have the right to defend their integrity by opposing the forced administration, via their drinking water, of a medication that is neither accredited nor tested in toxicology whose objective is primarily preventive;
  • The water fluoridation program is a waste of public funds (99% of fluoridated water finds itself in the environment via the sewers);

Consequently, we ask the National Assembly of Québec to organize a parliamentary committee regarding water fluoridation in order to shed light on the scientific, sanitary, economical and legal aspects of this practice and to rule on the necessity to abolish the water fluoridation program.


The signing period for this petition is over.

Signing deadline : February 20, 2013

Number of signatures : 3894

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