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Hydro-Québec meters emitting radiofrequencies

Petition text

CONSIDERING THAT the new generation meters (NGM), in collecting and transmitting personal data by wireless technology, are considered an intrusion of privacy and a target for hackers;

CONSIDERING THAT the Canadian guideline for microwave exposure limits on which Hydro-Québec and the Energy Board base their decision doesn't take into account the biological, non thermal effects of radiofrequencies; effects reported by citizens whose homes are equipped with meters emitting potentially carcinogenic radiofrequencies (World Health Organisation);

CONSIDERING THAT measurements of high density peaks of radiofrequencies emitted by new generation meters were ignored by Hydro-Québec, who chose to disclose only much lower average density measurements;

CONSIDERING THAT the emission of any contaminant, such as a radiation (transmission of electromagnetic waves), that presents a risk for human health and safety is prohibited by the Environment Quality Act;

CONSIDERING THAT the Energy Board ignored the precautionary principle which should be implemented by public authorities who must give precedence to health and safety issues when there is a possible threat to the population;

We, who sign this petition, therefore request from the government:

  • that a moratorium be immediately placed on the wireless meters program;
  • the right to keep or have back an analog meter at home or in a business place at no additional cost;
  • the right to not be subjected to radiofrequencies emitted by neighbouring meters. 

The signing period for this petition is over.

Signing deadline : May 27, 2013

Number of signatures : 3837