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Adoption of a public policy against noise pollution

Petition text

WHEREAS more than 640,000 people in Québec suffer from noise pollution caused in particular by transport activity, industrial activity, motorized recreation and festive outdoor events;

WHEREAS noise pollution has been recognized as having impacts on health and can lead to important problems such as: sleep disorders, stress, school learning difficulties, hearing loss and cardiovascular disease;

WHEREAS societal costs due to the effects of these noise disturbances, which have become a major source of complaints and lawsuits, are estimated to be near $680 M per year in Québec, according to a report from the Institut national de santé publique (public health expertise and reference centre) entitled "Avis sur une politique québécoise de lutte au bruit environnemental", that was produced at the request of the Ministry of Health and Social Services;

WHEREAS Québec is a "poor cousin" compared to other western countries with regard to legislation on noise;

We, the undersigned, ask that the Québec Government, through a joint effort between relevant Government departments:

  • Recognize environmental noise as a pollutant that has harmful effects on public health and the quality of life of the general population;
  • Agree to establish guide values and regulatory standards covering all sources of noise, across the province of Québec, in rural and urban regions;
  • Endow the province of Québec with a public policy against noise pollution, and put in place adequate monitoring and means to ensure it is respected.

The signing period for this petition is over.

Signing deadline : April 18, 2016

Number of signatures : 3394

If you have trouble signing the petition, please contact us at 418 643-7239 or, toll free, at 1 866 337-8837.