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Funding of independent community action organizations

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Petition text

WHEREAS cutbacks in public services and social programs leave the population vulnerable, have repercussions on the respect for social rights and heighten inequalities;

WHEREAS organisations engaged in independent community action face an increase in demands for support as a result of these cutbacks;

WHEREAS the missions of these organisations consist of aiding members of the population to defend their own rights and improve their living conditions;

WHEREAS the positive contributions of these organisations to Québec’s society, especially pertaining to civic participation, and their role as agents of social progress for the past 50 years;

WHEREAS these organisations are non-profit, created and governed by members of the community, and their boards of directors are independent from the public sector, constituting as such the basis of their autonomy;

WHEREAS an insufficient or lack of financial indexation for the past 15 years has been impoverishing organisations who cannot absorb increases in operational costs;

WHEREAS underfunding results in suspension of activities and temporary or definitive closing of organisations;

We, the undersigned, ask the Québec Government to commit to the community sector and to social justice through:

  • an increase of 475 million dollars, per year, of mission-based funding for the 4000 organisations engaged in independent community action, including those who are awaiting funding;
  • an annual indexation of grants;
  • the respect of their autonomy;
  • a reinvestment in public services and social programs.

Signing deadline : February 4, 2018

Number of signatures : 1307

To sign the petition

To sign the petition

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Signing conditions

Signing conditions

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  • The information I have provided is accurate.