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Modification of the Griffintown REM station’s name

Petition text

WHEREAS more than 3 million Quebecers have Irish origins;

WHEREAS the 1847 Famine brought more than 70 000 Irish nationals to Quebec, who were added to Montreal’s then total population of 50 000;

WHEREAS French Canadians provided assistance to their new neighbours, through acts of humanitarianism; the clergy, the Soeurs Grises and the Soeurs de la Providence cared for thousands of survivors who arrived in Quebec in a lamentable state after 8 to 10 weeks of transatlantic voyage in poorly outfitted sailing ships;

WHEREAS the Irish found refuge in Quebec and worked hard as labourers and longshoremen in the Champlain neighbourhood of Quebec City and in the Pointe-Saint-Charles and Griffintown neighbourhoods of Montreal;

WHEREAS the late Mr. Bernard Landry, Premier of Quebec from 2001 to 2003, was of Acadian origin and had no ties to Griffintown other than the Cité du Multimédia, located near the proposed site of the REM station;

We, the undersigned, ask the government of Quebec to:

1. Ensure that the names for the REM stations located in the Southwest Borough and Nun's Island take into consideration the Irish community's preference; that the former be named "Griffintown" and the latter "Bernard Landry", to pay tribute to both Mr. Landry and Quebecers of Irish heritage.

The signing period for this petition is over.

Signing deadline : January 23, 2021

Number of signatures : 1286

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