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Strengthening standards in effect in long-term care facilities (CHSLDs)

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Petition text

WHEREAS the deaths that have occurred in Quebec’s CHSLDs demonstrate that the standards in force are inadequate and must be revised;

WHEREAS the ratio of persons-in-care to all staff are inadequate, in particular, nurses and health care workers to the number of seniors receiving care;

WHEREAS unplanned inspections of CHSLDs need to be performed at least once a year and results with follow-up made public in an annual report;

WHEREAS numerous long-term care residents who become infected with a virus often live in crowded rooms and are not isolated to protect others from becoming infected;

WHEREAS the infrastructure of CHSLDs has not been maintained, regarding ventilation systems, air conditioning and general maintenance of common areas;

WHEREAS it is imperative, in case of an infectious outbreak, that a contingency plan be in place to provide the measures to be taken, to have well trained personnel and to ensure that there are sufficient reserves of protection equipment to adequately protect personnel, residents and visitors;

WHEREAS the well-being of the mental, emotional stability of residents and personnel is contingent on a greater number of permanent and full-time positions of nurses and staff;

We, the undersigned, ask the Quebec government, as a priority, to correct these shortcomings, to improve standards that are measurable, made public and evidence-based to protect and prevent fatalities when other viruses emerge.

Signing deadline : March 16, 2021

Number of signatures : 1565

To sign the petition

To sign the petition

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Signing conditions

Signing conditions

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