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Opposition to Declawing, Ear Cropping, Tail Docking and Devocalization of companion animals

Petition text

WHEREAS onychectomy, commonly known as “declawing,” is a non-therapeutic invasive surgery that involves amputations of the bones and tendons of an animal;

WHEREAS this has a detrimental impact on both the physiological and psychological welfare of the animal. The procedure has negative consequences such as a painful life as well as the inability for the animal to express its normal behaviours;

WHEREAS ear cropping is an aesthetic procedure with no benefit to the animal, negatively impacts their life and prevents them from expressing normal behaviour;

WHEREAS tail docking is an aesthetic procedure which can negatively impact the life of the animal and prevent them from expressing normal behaviour;

WHEREAS devocalization is the mutilation of the vocal cords, is performed for convenience and prevents the animal from expressing its biological and psychological imperatives;

WHEREAS there is a wealth of scientific evidence that shows these non-therapeutic procedures are harmful, painful and unnecessary to the animal and have long term negative consequences;

WHEREAS the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, the Association des Médecins Vétérinaires du Québec, the Association des techniciens en santé animale du Québec and the Association des étudiants en médecine vétérinaire du Québec all have position statements opposing the procedures;

We, the undersigned, ask the Government of Quebec to prohibit the practice of all non-preventive and non-therapeutic surgeries on companion animals, specifically, declawing, ear cropping, tail docking and devocalization, before the end of the present parliamentary legislature (June 2022).

The signing period for this petition is over.

Signing deadline : January 25, 2022

Number of signatures : 21652

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