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Documents tabled on Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Documents made public by an MNA during a sitting of the Assemblée nationale are called tabled documents. They become part of the public record.

Among the documents tabled in the Assemblée, only reports by the Officers of the Assemblée nationale, annual reports, committee reports and the strategic plans of Québec government departments and bodies are available online (within 48 hours of being tabled).

Only the printed version of a document, physically presented to the Assemblée, is official.

For more on tabled documents and on consulting documents that are not available online

Documents tabled
Date of tabling Tabled by Title Number Category
2023-05-30 Jolin-Barrette, Simon, Minister of Justice The report of the Conseil de la magistrature on the implementation of a training program on the realities of sexual violence and domestic violence, for the period from 30 November 2021 to 31 December 2022, entitled “Rapport du Conseil de la magistrature quant à la mise en œuvre du Programme de perfectionnement sur les réalités relatives à la violence sexuelle et à la violence conjugale" (PDF, 227 KB)  609-20230530 Other
2023-05-30 Déry, Pascale, Minister of Higher Education The 2021‒2022 annual report of the Université du Québec and its institutions (PDF, 56 MB)  610-20230530 Annual report
2023-05-30 Jolin-Barrette, Simon, Government House Leader The Government’s reply to petitions tabled on 19 April 2023 by Ms. Ghazal (Mercier) on maintaining educational support services for the integration of students with physical disabilities at the CSSDM (PDF, 95 KB)  611-20230530 Government's written answer to a petition
2023-05-30 Cliche-Rivard, Guillaume, Member for Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne The abstract of a petition on supporting the restoration of democracy in Tunisia, signed by 21 citizens of Québec (PDF, 149 KB)  614-20230530 Abstract of a petition
2023-05-30 Gagnon, Yannick, Temporary Chair Report from the Committee on Planning and the Public Domain - Clause-by-clause consideration of Bill 16, An Act to amend the Act respecting land use planning and development and other provisions (PDF, 3 MB)  612-20230530 Committee report
2023-05-30 D'Amours, Sylvie, Chair of the Committee on Labour and the Economy Report from the Committee on Labour and the Economy - Clause-by-clause consideration of Bill 19, An Act respecting the regulation of work by children (PDF, 1 MB)  613-20230530 Committee report
2023-05-30 Fortin, André, Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education Report from the Committee on Culture and Education - Special consultations on the order of initiative on the revelations of violence during hazing in the junior hockey league and the potential situation in other sports (PDF, 3 MB)  615-20230530 Committee report