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The President’s Threefold Role

The office of President is the oldest and highest parliamentary function. Elected by the other Members of the Assemblée nationale at the beginning of a Legislature, the President does not take part in debates, and votes only to break a tie. Once elected, the President ceases to participate in party activities.

The President plays 3 main roles.

Presiding Over the Assemblée’s Proceedings

The President enforces the Standing Orders of the National Assembly to maintain order, ensure the proper conduct of proceedings and protect the rights of MNAs. The President also sees to it that the Standing Orders are amended as necessary to keep up with an evolving parliamentary context.

Directing the Assemblée’s Administrative Services

The President ensures that the administrative services of the Assemblée nationale meet the needs of its Members. The President is a central player, always in contact with the Leaders, House Leaders and Whips of the different parliamentary groups.

The President also

  • prepares annual budget estimates and submits them to the Bureau de l'Assemblée nationale for approval
  • is responsible for security in the buildings and for the protection of people and property at the Assemblée

Representing the Assemblée

The President plays a key role in making the Assemblée nationale known throughout Québec and internationally, among other things by developing relations with other parliaments. Through various outreach and educational activities, the President promotes democratic values and raises awareness about the work of MNAs.

In terms of protocol, the President ranks third in order of precedence in Québec, after the Lieutenant-Governor and the Premier.