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Ban no-pet clauses in residential leases

Petition text

WHEREAS the Civil Code of Québec recognizes that animals are sentient beings and that they contribute to the quality of life of Québec society;

WHEREAS more than half of Québec households have a cat or a dog, and yet only a minority of landlords accept tenants with animals;

WHEREAS every summer, around moving day, countless people are forced to make the heartbreaking decision to part with their beloved animal, whom they consider a member of the family, in order to secure affordable rental housing;

WHEREAS no-pet clauses disproportionately affect low-income persons, due to their more limited housing opportunities, and that the current state of the Québec rental market is exacerbating this already difficult situation;

WHEREAS no-pet clauses unfairly favour landlords by allowing them to penalize all animal owners who are looking for affordable housing, regardless of how their companion animal behaves;

WHEREAS Québec should follow the example of other jurisdictions, such as France and Ontario, which have declared no-pet clauses in residential leases null and without effect;

We, the undersigned, ask the Government of Québec to render all clauses prohibiting animals in residential leases null and without effect.

The signing period for this petition is over.

Signing deadline : June 6, 2022

Number of signatures : 33157

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