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Annual Report of the National Assembly of Québec

Publication interval: Annually
Category: Administrative
Languages: French, English
Format: PDF document
Number of pages: Variable


Every year, the National Assembly of Québec tables a report detailing the highlights of the work carried out by the parliamentarians and administrative personnel in the institution's various sectors during the previous fiscal year.

The report first provides a review of the parliamentary proceedings, of the bills considered in committee and of interparliamentary activities.

Then, as concerns the administration of the National Assembly, the document provides a portrait of the key figures for human, information and property resources in addition to reporting on the public programming activities and those of the gift shop, restaurants and National Assembly Channel, not to mention the educational activities carried out.

The document also presents the results obtained by the National Assembly in connection with its strategic plan and sustainable development plan. It also details the concrete actions carried out under the general policies, the institution's mission and the values that inspire the "people's house".

Reports available: