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Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy defines the rules governing the use of the National Assembly's wireless Internet network. Access to the network is a privilege, which may be withdrawn at any time if a user does not comply with the rules set out below.

Wi-Fi Access

In order to access the wireless network, visitors must obtain an access key reserved for their exclusive use.

Rules of Use, Security and Conduct

Users are responsible for how they use the wireless network. That use must not compromise information security at the National Assembly.

Users are responsible

  • for the activities resulting from their use of wireless Internet
  • for the dissemination of information contained in the material they download

Users will be held liable for violations of this policy.

Users must

  • take reasonable measures to protect their access key and the integrity of the equipment at their disposal
  • activate the hibernate mode on their computer or power it down whenever they stop working
  • respect the copyright on the software, data and documentation used
  • respect the privacy of other users of the Assembly's IT equipment
  • not engage in any harmful or malicious behaviour such as
    • infiltrating or attempting to infiltrate a work station, a system, or an internal or external network
    • attempting to read or copy data or access functions or data that a user is not entitled to access, even if the data or functions are physically accessible
    • intentionally using programs or other tools that could damage the IT equipment or cause data corruption or loss (e.g. computer viruses)
    • reading, modifying, destroying or disseminating data belonging to a third party without authorization, or
    • intentionally tampering with a computer work station, system or network in order to impair its operation

Users may not use wireless Internet

  • for unauthorized or illegal purposes or to carry out a transaction that would be binding on the Assembly
  • to download or distribute pirated data or software
  • to put out of commission or damage Assembly equipment
  • to prevent, interrupt or hamper the use or operation of Assembly equipment
  • to save, distribute, modify or display sexually explicit, hateful, racist or socially unacceptable material. Users may in no case display such material on their computer on the Assembly premises.

To learn more, please consult the Acceptable Use Policy (PDF, 32 KB, French only)


No one may use the Assembly’s IT equipment in contravention of the Acceptable Use Policy or the legislation in force.

The Assembly possesses software for monitoring and recording all operations carried out on its wireless network, and may inspect a user’s computer if it considers that the user has contravened its Acceptable Use Policy. Inspections are carried out at the request of the authorities of the Assembly or the person in charge of information security.