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The Québec Parliament Building and the National Assembly Library regularly house thematic exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

9 février 1922, elles marchent vers le parlement!
(February 9, 1922, women marched on Parliament!)

On February 9, 1922, a 500-strong delegation of women came to the Parliament Building in Québec City to bring the issue of votes for women to the attention of the Louis-Alexandre Taschereau government. The activists came from different backgrounds, were young and old, and included French speakers and English speakers, united in their efforts to obtain the right for Québec women to vote in provincial elections and to run as candidates.

Learn the fascinating story of these pioneers and their heirs by visiting our exhibit 9 février 1922, elles marchent vers le parlement! (February 9, 1922, women marched on Parliament!)

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Permanent Exhibitions

From Chapel to Parliament

This exhibition, presented in the reception pavilion, consists of engravings, stereoscopic cards, manuscripts and heritage objects recounting the history of the parliaments located in the city of Québec from 1792 to today.


Comprendre-Ressentir-Agir-Inspirer (Understand-Feel-Act-Inspire)

Located in the Parliament Building and divided into four zones, this exhibition provides an overview of Parliament Hill and the people who contribute to democratic life in Quebec.

The Comprendre zone contains a large transparent model showing aspects of the Parliament Building in its physical environment. The interpretive panels on one side tell you about the designer of the building, Eugène-Étienne Taché, and, on the other side, the way the urban environment on Parliament Hill has changed over the years.

The Ressentir zone invites you to appreciate the talent of the generations of Québec artists who have contributed to the Parliament Building’s decor. In addition to the paintings, the artists created many different emblematic art forms with glass, wood, stone and bronze.

The main purpose of the Agir zone is to show the various ways you can participate in Québec’s political and parliamentary life.

The Inspirer zone highlights the importance of artists’ social and political engagement in all forms of civic life. Thanks to their original ways of looking at the world and their works, artists are unique witnesses to their time, and in some cases powerful inspirational forces for change.


Virtual Exhibitions

Take a fascinating trip through time by exploring virtual exhibitions that showcase documents and objects from the National Assembly's heritage collection.

To make the most of your virtual experience, adjust your screen resolution to 1280 x 1024 pixels. Please note that some files are heavy and downloading them, especially the video clips, may take a while.