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The Parliament of Québec is composed of the National Assembly and the Lieutenant-Governor. The business, discussions and debates of the Assembly and the parliamentary committees are known collectively as parliamentary proceedings.

National Assembly proceedings

Recent sittings

Bills under consideration

No.23 - An Act respecting the names and responsibilities of certain ministers and government departments and to enact the Act respecting the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs

No.30 - An Act to recover amounts owed to the State

No.39 - An Act to establish a new electoral system

No.49 - An Act to amend the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities, the Municipal Ethics and Good Conduct Act and various legislative provisions

No.59 - An Act to modernize the occupational health and safety regime

No.61 - An Act to restart Québec’s economy and to mitigate the consequences of the public health emergency declared on 13 March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic

No.92 - An Act to create a court specialized in sexual and domestic violence and respecting training of judges in these matters

No.96 - An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec

No.97 - An Act to amend the Act respecting energy efficiency and energy conservation standards for certain electrical or hydrocarbon-fuelled appliances

No.99 - An Act to amend mainly the Food Products Act

No.100 - Tourist Accommodation Act

No.101 - An Act to strengthen the fight against maltreatment of seniors and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations as well as the monitoring of the quality of health services and social services

No.190 - An Act to exclude child support payments from income calculation under various social laws

No.191 - An Act to amend the Act respecting the National Assembly to prescribe the publication of information on the use of the amounts granted to Members in the performance of their duties

No.192 - An Act to recognize the Members’ oath to the people of Québec as the sole oath required for Members to take office

No.193 - An Act to establish a budgetary shield to protect education, child and youth protection services

No.194 - An Act to ensure compliance with Québec's climate change-related obligations

No.195 - An Act to amend the Act respecting the National Assembly to extend the scope of the right to payment of expenses for counsel

No.196 - An Act to amend the Act respecting safety in sports to establish a Passe-Sports register to collect data on the state of health of persons under 18 years of age following a concussion

No.197 - An Act to amend the Consumer Protection Act to fight planned obsolescence and assert the right to repair goods

No.198 - An Act to facilitate disclosure of wrongdoings

No.199 - An Act to amend the Environment Quality Act to establish a right of citizen initiative in environmental matters and reinforce the powers and independence of the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement

No.217 - An Act respecting the objects and powers of the Roman Catholic Archiepiscopal corporation of Montreal

No.219 - An Act respecting an immovable located on Rue University in Montréal (on the Royal Victoria Hospital site) (modified title)

No.391 - An Act to amend the Environment Quality Act in order to assert the primacy of Québec's jurisdiction in this area

No.392 - An Act respecting the selection of Québec senators

No.393 - An Act to affirm Québec’s participation in the appointment process for Québec Supreme Court of Canada judges

No.396 - An Act to amend the Civil Code to provide that an action for damages for bodily injury resulting from a sexual aggression, from childhood violence or from the violent behaviour of a spouse or former spouse cannot be prescribed during the lifetime of the author of the act

No.397 - An Act to reinforce oversight of the processes to select, renew a term of or dismiss directors of municipal police forces

No.398 - An Act to proclaim Québec Democracy Day

No.399 - An Act to establish a presumption of consent to organ or tissue donation after death

No.490 - An Act to establish the gradual electrification of Québec’s vehicle fleet

No.491 - An Act to combat food waste

No.492 - Right-to-Disconnect Act

No.493 - Interculturalism Act

No.495 - An Act to authorize the recording of sound and images during the public sittings of a municipal council or the public meetings of a council of a metropolitan community

No.496 - Parliamentary Budget Officer Act

No.497 - An Act to amend the Charter of human rights and freedoms in order to strengthen the protection of seniors’ rights and create the office of Seniors Ombudsperson

No.590 - An Act to amend the Charter of the French language to establish free French instruction services for every person who resides in Québec

No.591 - An Act to amend the Charter of the French language to define the circumstances under which an employer may make knowledge of a language other than the official language a requirement for access to employment or a position

No.592 - An Act to amend the Act respecting the flag and emblems of Québec to enhance the presence of the flag of Québec

No.593 - An Act to change the minimum age required to be a qualified elector

No.594 - An Act to improve the quality of care through the setting of ratios in certain institutions governed by the Act respecting health services and social services

No.595 - An Act to create the Rent Register

No.596 - An Act to establish Pharma-Québec

No.597 - An Act to improve support offered to entrepreneurs and farmers in relation to mental health

No.598 - An Act to authorize the holder of a restaurant sales liquor permit to sell, for takeout or delivery, spirit-based alcoholic beverages

No.599 - An Act to respect sexual orientation and gender identity

No.690 - An Act to amend the Charter of the French language to specify that it applies to private enterprises operating in an area of federal jurisdiction

No.691 - An Act to amend the Act respecting the Ministère des Transports to maintain air transportation services in certain regions of Québec

No.692 - An Act to amend the Act respecting safety in sports to prohibit fighting in sports activities in which persons under 18 years of age participate

No.693 - An Act to amend the Election Act to prevent and fight sexual violence in the context of political activities

No.694 - An Act to regulate appointments to certain senior positions

No.695 - An Act to set a standard for the maximum concentration of manganese in drinking water

No.696 - An Act providing for the temporary suspension of the right to increase the rent for a lease of a dwelling

No.697 - An Act to promote the disclosure of wrongdoings and strengthen the protection of whistleblowers

No.698 - An Act to temporarily limit the charges that restaurateurs may be required to pay for online order services and meal delivery services

No.699 - Act to promote integration of immigrants by organizing welcome ceremonies for newcomers

No.790 - An Act to amend the Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and workforce management in the construction industry to right the power imbalance

No.792 - An Act to enhance the transparency of municipal councils

No.793 - An Act to recognize the white admiral as the emblematic insect of Québec

No.794 - An Act to amend the Act respecting the Institut de la statistique du Québec to facilitate the production and circulation of statistical information

No.795 - An Act to permanently limit the amount of certain charges payable by restaurateurs when they retain the delivery services of a third person

No.796 - An Act respecting the Agence des infrastructures de transport du Québec

No.797 - An Act to amend the Business Corporations Act to include benefit corporations

No.798 - An Act to entitle employees to a “ vaccine break ” to receive a COVID-19 vaccination

No.890 - An Act to amend various legislative provisions relating to financial assistance for education expenses

No.893 - An Act to facilitate the marketing of Québec microdistillers’ and microbrewers’ products

No.894 - An Act to prohibit petroleum exploration and production


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