National Assembly of Québec

National Assembly President Jacques Chagnon is sworn in as Member
composition of the Assembly
The winners of the 22nd Young Democrats’ Tournament
2014 Political Book Prizes, the winners have been announced!
The Amicale des anciens parlementaires du Québec is 20 years old!
The Library’s Treasures exhibition. Be sure to see the Library’s finest rare and antique books.
Mémoires de députés


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Le Parlementaire and the Café du Parlement are open to the public.

Current Exhibitions

Take a fascinating trip through time by exploring exhibitions that showcase documents and objects from the National Assembly's heritage collection.

Careers and Internships

Put your qualifications to work!
Working at the National Assembly will bring you into direct contact with the major political, social and cultural events and issues of the day. To find out more, click on Careers and Internships.

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