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Vox populi program: Your democracy at school! Six schools recognized
The National Assembly welcomes the Défi Santé team!
The National Assembly congratulates the Université de Montréal Carabins women’s hockey team on its victory
Consult the Committee Proceedings section
Guided Tours at the Library - Reserve now, spaces are limited! June 14 at 12:15
Le Bulletin de la Bibliothèque - The Magna Carta's mythic heritage


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Le Parlementaire and the Café du Parlement are open to the public.

Expositions en cours - Entre savoir et pouvoir, l’édifice Pamphile-Le May et la Bibliothèque de l’Assemblée nationale

Current Exhibitions

The new exhibition Entre savoir et pouvoir, l'édifice Pamphile-Le May et la Bibliothèque de l'Assemblée nationale relates the past 100 years of the National Assembly Library and the building that has housed it since 1915. Discover this exhibition where knowledge and power are united under one roof!

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