National Assembly of Québec

Five internships offered at the National Assembly – Application deadline: February 15, 2017
Internship Program – Students Pages - Application deadline: February 24, 2017
Current Exhibition – The Library’s Treasures – Next guided free tours: January 31, February 8 and 16,  12:15 p.m.
Bulletin de la Bibliothèque - Aline Cloutier, little-known caricaturist
Construction of the reception pavilion: Watch the work in progress in real time!


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Le Parlementaire and the Café du Parlement are open to the public.

Current Exhibition - The Library's Treasures

Current Exhibition

The Library's Treasures showcases unique archival materials, exceptional objects and some of the most exquisite rare and old books from the various heritage collections preserved by the National Assembly Library.

Careers and Internships

Put your qualifications to work!
Working at the National Assembly will bring you into direct contact with the major political, social and cultural events and issues of the day. To find out more, click on Careers and Internships.

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