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Sonia LeBel

Sonia LeBel

  • Member for Champlain
  • Coalition avenir Québec
  • Minister Responsible for Government Administration
  • Chair of the Conseil du trésor


Here visitors can view the bills introduced by the Member. 

For more on the bills available online through the Assemblée nationale website

Number Title
67 An Act to amend the Professional Code for the modernization of the professional system and to broaden certain professional practices in the field of health and social services
60 An Act to authorize the making of collective agreements with a term of more than three years in the public and parapublic sectors
58 Appropriation Act No. 2, 2024-2025
55 Appropriation Act No. 1, 2024-2025
53 An Act to enact the Act respecting protection against reprisals related to the disclosure of wrongdoings and to amend other legislative provisions
33 An Act respecting the collective agreements of the special constables and the bodyguards of the Gouvernement du Québec
21 Appropriation Act No. 2, 2023-2024
18 Appropriation Act No. 1, 2023-2024
9 An Act amending mainly certain Acts establishing public sector pension plans