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The Secretary General of the National Assembly

Mr. Siegfried Peters, Secretary General of the National Assembly

 Siegfried Peters, secrétaire général de l’Assemblée nationale


The Secretary General holds the highest-ranking and longest-standing office in the National Assembly. Formerly referred to as the “Clerk”, the Secretary General is the principal adviser to the President and Members of parliament on all matters related to parliamentary procedure.

In the National Assembly Chamber, the Secretary General is seated just in front of the Throne at the head of the Clerk’s Table facing the Mace.

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Under the Act respecting the National Assembly, the Secretary General is responsible for overseeing members of the personnel of the Assembly and managing its day-to-day business. In addition to statutory duties, the Secretary General carries out all other duties assigned to him or her by the Assembly and the Office of the Assembly. Thus, the Secretary General oversees preparation of the Assembly’s sittings and publication of the Order Paper, the Votes and Proceedings and the Journal des débats. With respect to Assembly staff, the Secretary General has the same powers as those assigned to deputy ministers.

Appointment and Mandate

The Secretary General is appointed by the Assembly on a motion by the Premier. In exercising the duties of office, the Secretary General must maintain the full confidence of the President and parliamentary Members. The term of office of a Secretary General is not limited to a set number of years.

Conditions of Employment

As the National Assembly’s highest-ranking official, the Secretary General’s status is equivalent to that of state administrators. The Secretary General’s remuneration is set at $276,111.

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