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Visiting the Parliament Building

Heritage, history, art and audacity at the National Assembly

Designated a national historic site by the Québec government in 1985, the National Assembly is where the 125 parliamentarians elected by the people of Québec sit. In 2019, the Parliament Building underwent its most sweeping renovation since 1917. As a result of this transformation, visitors will discover a one of a kind space, where heritage and modern architecture coexist in perfect harmony. It offers a renewed visit and a host of updated activities.

New parliament committee meeting rooms, multifunctional and educational spaces and a brightly lit and inviting agora are all now an integral part of the Parliament Building. This major infrastructure project also provided an opportunity for various other standards compliance and universal accessibility projects to be carried out.

Whether alone or with a group, you can tour Parliament, attend parliamentary proceedings or a special cultural event, such as a screening or an art exhibit, discover the Library’s treasures, browse in the gift shop or enjoy a gourmet meal. All these options are open to you.


All visitor access to the Parliament Buildings is suspended at this time. The only activities that are maintained are those related to parliamentary proceedings and administrative operations. The situation is reassessed regularly.

Self-guided tour

You can visit the parliament according to your preferences and at your pace. No reservation is required, but you must register at the reception desk.

Visiting hours.

Guided tour of the Parliament Building

By taking a guided tour of the Parliament Building, you can discover more of this heritage building’s unique features and secrets.

This visit takes about 75 minutes.

More on Guided Tours.

Guided tour of the Library

The guided tour of the Parliament Building can be combined with a tour of the Library. Founded in 1802, the Library has been located in an exceptional heritage building since 1915.

The combined tour takes about 90 minutes.

More on the Library (French only).

Attending Parliamentary Proceedings

The best way to witness democracy in action is to attend a sitting of the Assembly or of one of its parliamentary committees. No pass is required to attend a parliamentary committee sitting. However, you need to get a pass to attend an Assembly sitting.

More on attending proceedings.

Reservations: pass for an Assembly sitting.

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