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Tabled Documents

Documents made public by an MNA during a sitting of the Assemblée nationale or a parliamentary committee are called tabled documents.

Documents Tabled in the Assemblée nationale

Basically, the Standing Orders of the National Assembly set out three types of tabled documents:

  • documents of public interest
  • reports from parliamentary committees
  • petitions

There is a rubric or category of business of Routine Proceedings devoted to tabling documents.

Documents of Public Interest

In addition to the Documents required by law to be tabled (PDF document), ministers and the President of the Assemblée may table any document they consider to be of public interest. Ministers must request leave of the Assemblée if they wish to table a document outside the prescribed period.

Reports From Parliamentary Committees

A committee report is tabled in the Assemblée by the committee chair or by any other member the committee designates.


Any MNA except the President of the Assemblée may present to the Assemblée a petition he or she received from a person or association of persons, unless the MNA also signed the petition.

In presenting a petition, the MNA acts as an intermediary between the people and the Assemblée. The MNA need not approve the objective of the petition and is not compelled to table it in the Assemblée. If the MNA refuses to table a petition, the petitioners may ask another MNA to act for them.

More on presenting petitions

Other Documents

With the permission of the Assemblée, an MNA may table any document he or she considers relevant even outside the period for tabling documents prescribed by the Standing Orders.

Documents Tabled in Parliamentary Committee

Anyone may table a document in committee with the permission of the committee chair.

Conditions for Tabling Documents

To be tabled in the Assemblée or in committee, a document must

  • be printed or handwritten
  • be readable without specialized apparatus
  • be reproducible by photocopier

These conditions were set by the President of the Assemblée nationale given the impossibility to date of ensuring the medium and long-term viability of audiovisual documents, in particular with regard to their conservation, reproduction and distribution. Consequently, only the printed version of a document, physically presented to the Assemblée or in committee, is official.

Consulting Tabled Documents

List of Documents Accessible Online

The following documents tabled in the Assemblée nationale are accessible online:

  • reports by Officers of the Assemblée nationale
  • annual reports, activity reports and strategic plans of Québec government departments and bodies
  • parliamentary committee reports
  • abstracts of petitions
  • Government replies to petitions
  • replies to written questions

Online Accessibility

The above documents are accessible within two working days after being tabled. They can be found using the search engine in the Documents Tabled in the Assemblée nationale and in Committee section.

Obtaining a Document not Accessible Online

To obtain a document tabled in the Assemblée nationale, contact the Direction de la séance et de la procédure parlementaire.

  • Telephone:
    • City of Québec area: 418-643-2793
    • Toll free: 1-866-337-8837
  • Fax: 418-643-0931
  • Email:
  • By mail:
    Édifice Pamphile-Le May
    1035, rue des Parlementaires, 3e étage
    Québec (Québec) G1A 1A3

To obtain a document tabled in parliamentary committee, contact the Direction des commissions parlementaires.

  • Telephone:
    • City of Québec area: 418-643-2722
    • Toll free: 1-866-337-8837
  • Fax: 418-643-0248
  • Email:
  • By mail:
    Édifice Pamphile-Le May
    1035, rue des Parlementaires, 3e étage
    Québec (Québec) G1A 1A3