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Parliamentary diplomacy advisory committee

Under the Règlement sur les activités de relations interparlementaires et internationales (PDF, 58 Ko) (regulation respecting interparliamentary and international relations), the Assemblée nationale du Québec set up an Advisory Committee on parliamentary diplomacy. The Committee is chaired by the President of the Assemblée nationale and is composed of the Whip of each parliamentary group or, if a parliamentary group does not have a Whip, of the MNA designated to liaise with the Whips.

The Advisory Committee plans and coordinates the Assemblée nationale’s interparliamentary activities and prompts deliberations and discussions on any question relating to international relations. Its role is mainly to

  • determine the Assemblée nationale’s directions and objectives regarding interparliamentary relations, taking into account issues of public interest and topics addressed during parliamentary proceedings;
  • determine the parliaments and organizations with which the Assemblée nationale maintains official international relations;
  • designate which parliamentarians will take part in the various international activities, taking into account the composition of the House and the principle of parity.

Every year, the Advisory Committee adopts the program of activities relating to interparliamentary and international relations.

Committee Members

Nathalie Roy

Roy, Nathalie

Chair of the advisory committee