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General Court of Massachusetts

Image General Court of Massachusetts

A Brief History

In 2013, the National Assembly of Québec and the General Court of Massachusetts, which comprises the Massachusetts Senate and Massachusetts House of Representatives, signed a bilateral relations agreement (PDF, 80 KB) (memorandum of understanding) creating the Massachusetts-Québec Cooperation Conference (MQCC).

The MQCC allows parliamentarians from Québec and Massachusetts to discuss subjects of mutual interest such as higher education, commerce, tourism, as well as energy and environment.

During the second session of the MQCC in 2016, the parties resolved to create the Massachusetts-Québec Collaborative Research Council (MQCRC). The Council’s goal is to foster collaboration between Québec and Massachusetts in the fields of higher education and research.

Philippe Evoy

Steering Committee

Désirée McGraw

McGraw, Désirée

Vice-chair of the National Assembly Delegation for Relations with Massachusetts

Other Documents

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