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Leadership Workshop for Women Parliamentarians of the Francophonie

Image Leadership Workshop for Women Parliamentarians of the Francophonie

High-level international organizations and civil society both defend the principle that today’s democracies must strive to achieve balanced participation of men and women in society. This stance reflects the 1995 Beijing Declaration and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015.

As political institutions provide an ideal context for States to implement this principle, several countries have adopted measures, such as quotas, to increase the number of women elected to parliament. Although it has been recognized that doing so ensures progress toward gender equality both in terms of how institutions work and the laws that are passed, it is clear that women’s positive impact will also depend on the quality of their work. Consequently, it is imperative that women parliamentarians be equipped with the right tools to become agents of change within their respective parliaments, and leaders capable of defending their interests and including men in their endeavours.

In response to this need, the purpose of this program is to help women parliamentarians develop the skills needed to take on a transformational leadership role and give them an opportunity to develop their full potential as leaders. The program focuses on optimizing their individual abilities and encouraging them to network with their peers.

Karine Gaudreault

Steering Committee